June 19, 2024

Types of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps serve a number of functions in any given space – from providing task lighting to being decorative pieces in their own right. Most floor lamps can be controlled either with wall switches or built-in switches that come equipped with them.

Before purchasing a floor lamp, take note of its three levels of lighting: ambient, task and accent – then select which fits into your space best.

Magnifying lens

Floor lamps equipped with magnifying lenses are often used for reading and crafts projects, as the light from objects being observed passes through and is refracted through the lens to form an image on your retina.

The taller your floor lamp is, the more light it will emit into all directions – perfect for ambient lighting or brightening a corner!

Floor lamps can also be directed downward to illuminate seating or desk areas. Some models feature multiple gooseneck arms which can be adjusted, twisted and pointed in any direction to direct light where needed.

Halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs are an enhanced version of incandescent lighting that uses small amounts of halogen gas for illumination, creating an environment which triggers chemical reactions within that continually “recycles” tungsten in its filament allowing twice as long lifespan and brighter light output.

These bulbs feature short tubular forms with mini-reflectors and wider PAR styles, costing anywhere between $1 to $5 each and being suitable for many floor lamps.

Be certain that each fixture uses an appropriate wattage; using too much power could cause overheating and lead to fires. Also, avoid using halogen bulbs in rooms where children might touch them as their high heat could pose an extra danger.

Xenon bulbs

Long-arc xenon bulbs (known as lampa ksenonovaia in Russia and former Soviet satellite countries) are an efficient form of high intensity discharge lighting that boasts numerous advantages over other lamps, including no mercury content, convective air cooling capabilities, no risk of high pressure rupture and near perfect color rendition.

These bulbs emit a broad spectrum of light and emit significant UV radiation, which penetrates oxygen molecules in the air and causes them to ionize; some of these ions then combine with each other into harmful ozone levels that pose health risks to humans.

Xenon bulbs produce less heat than other bulbs, making them safer to touch and less likely to lead to burns.

Shaded or torchiere

Not to be mistaken with traditional floor lamps, these lamps feature an adjustable shade that acts as a reflector to direct light upwards or downwards and provide ample ambient lighting. These types of lamps tend to be very bright, making for ideal ambient lighting in any space.

Torchiere-style lamps tend to be taller than most and make an ideal choice for larger rooms, as they will illuminate a broad portion of the ceiling and may even come equipped with magnifying lenses built directly into their heads.

Lighting sculptures can be both entertaining and decorative, typically featuring multiple arms that can be moved around to produce interesting effects with light and shadow. Furthermore, these lights may produce ambient lighting as well.


Add light and storage solutions to your home with this multifunctional shelf floor lamp, featuring shelves designed to store items such as vases, picture frames and books. In addition, its USB port is convenient for charging phones or other devices.

Add this innovative floor lamp to your living room to create an intimate reading nook. Its washed-black frame fits in well with contemporary furniture while its wooden base adds traditional charm. Place decorative items in vibrant hues on its shelves for an eye-catching contrast.

With its spacious five-tier design, this shelf floor lamp is an ideal way to store and showcase your favorite trinkets. Featuring an etagere-inspired lamp shade in espresso or walnut hues and a sturdy base.


There are floor lamps with striking designs that bring something special and different into your home, like dragonfly or robot-inspired lamps that bring joy and laughter. Novelty lamps may even come in wood finishes to coordinate with existing wooden furniture or decor pieces.

Pharmacy floor lamps feature long arms with flexible joints that allow you to direct light wherever it is most needed – over your shoulder, sideways or any distance in between while reading. Usually using full spectrum bulbs that replicate natural sunlight in terms of colors produced and reduced glare.

Tower floor lamps are tall and thin lamps designed with decorative features for aesthetic purposes only; often used purely as decoration without providing general illumination.

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