May 24, 2024

5 Types of Bathroom Basins

Basins are an integral component of any bathroom suite. We rely on them for handwashing, face cleansing and bathing babies or pets alike.

They can be an integral component of design, helping tie together themes or making statements about yourself or the space. Therefore, selecting the proper basin is paramount to creating the look you are after!


The Washplane basin is an elegant and sleek option, ideal for modern bathrooms and powder rooms. Crafted to streamline washing rituals while offering plenty of customisation options, this elegant yet customisable basin is easy to maintain while being highly durable – suitable even for commercial projects due to being water resistant and resilient against damage.

The Washplane features one or two tap holes, and can be installed either wall-mounted, countertop or pedestal stand configurations. Pedestal stands are a popular choice in smaller bathrooms as they don’t protrude from the wall and allow more space around it; furthermore they also conceal pipework and add classic charm. A full pedestal is meant to extend all the way to the floor while semi pedestals may provide better solutions in more constrained areas.


Countertop basins can be mounted directly onto any flat surface – such as a vanity unit or wall-hung basin shelf – and come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and designs to complement your decor. From modern to rustic classic styles; each countertop basin will add something different.

Minimalist bathrooms often call for clean-line designs and a non-porous countertop surface that makes for easy upkeep; stone or concrete effect countertops provide durability while adding contemporary flair. Stains can easily be sanded away.

Quartz and cultured marbles are also popular choices, offering more variety of colour and design choices. Furthermore, these hardwearing surfaces resist scuffs, chips and scratches and do not need annual sealant maintenance like granite does.


Corner basins are an ideal choice for small bathrooms as they take up less space than traditional sinks and are easy to keep clean. There is also a range of colors and styles to suit any bathroom decor theme.

Most modern corner bathroom sinks feature rounded corners to protect children while looking good in any vintage or modern design. Furthermore, this also helps conceal pipes for an improved aesthetic.

Purchasing a corner sink requires selecting an appropriate faucet designed for this specific basin type. There is a wide variety of faucet options that will meet both your aesthetic preferences and budget needs.


Semi-recessed bathroom sinks have become an increasingly trendy style among interior designers and those seeking distinctive design elements in their bathrooms. As these basins are partly embedded into their surfaces, making it harder for intruders to tamper with them, these basins make a statement in any setting, from business bathrooms to public settings.

These basins come in an array of styles and finishes to fit into any decor. Modern models feature sleek forms with deep bowls featuring sharp or soft edges; traditionalists may prefer period influenced basins featuring thicker rims.

Another key advantage of these basins is that their concealed plumbing makes installation easy for minimalist bathrooms or those looking to maximize space saving. However, to gain the full potential of this installation type, make sure your vanity unit can accommodate for this basin size.


After being eclipsed by boxy vanities for some time, pedestal sinks have made an unexpected comeback as stylish space-savers in bathrooms. Their minimal design is timeless and easy to coordinate with any decor style; you can find units that evoke vintage art deco or futuristic appliances from our time.

Like vanity sinks, pedestal washbasins don’t feature counters for easier cleaning and maintenance; however, this also means less storage space for toiletries. To increase storage, consider mounting toothbrush holders or soap dispensers on the wall above your pedestal sink – this can add visual interest as well! Alternatively, try switching to a semi-pedestal style that hides pipes and bottle traps more efficiently to save space.

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