July 19, 2024

7 Suitable Colours for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house and perhaps the one thing that brings everybody together – food. Mealtime is one of those times that most people strive to be at home for and make time for each other.

This is why choosing the right interior for the kitchen can be important as most people would end up spending quality time cooking and sharing meals and making memories over them. When designing the kitchen, choosing the right shades can add elegance and warmth as suggested by the best home interior designers in Bangalore.

Each room and corner of the house has a specific vibe and hence getting them right is an important step towards the right home interior design.

Kitchen Styles and Designs

The kitchen is one of the busiest and prone to daily maintenance areas in the house. No other room is perhaps bound to get this much job done as the kitchen does. There are many elements to a kitchen and there needs to be a place that accommodates everything within a small dedicated area.

This is what proves to be challenging for most designers. The kitchen has many elements such as storage, cooking, washing, and sometimes even dining. Creating the right sync between these elements can be challenging.

Choosing the right paint colour and interior setting for a kitchen can add to the many layers that form the kitchen. The cooking area, the storage shelves, the racks, the cleaning area, the refrigeration area and the private dining – an interior colour that integrates all of these elements can be hard to choose.

The best home interior designers in Bangalore suggest warm and classy colours to decorate the interior for the kitchen. A dual shade with a main colour and an additional accent colour scheme approach can work for all kinds of kitchen. An affordable interior designer can help in suggesting the right shade for the specific home.

Best Colours for Kitchen

  1. Shades of Red

Red and its many shades are closely linked to food because of its warm nature. Soft pink, scarlet, maroon, bright red, etc., can all be excellent choices for a modern kitchen. Pair a dark red color with white for brilliant contrast.

  • White

An all-white kitchen can be hard to pull off but gives the best clean appeal – it is one of the most chosen shades and more people prefer the clean white look in their kitchen.

  • Grey

Soft and contrasting shades of grey such as Slate, Stone and Ash can be excellent for a contemporary kitchen with an edge. Accents of gold and silver can be excellent highlights.

  • Shades of Green

Green is close to nature and thus close to food. Soft pastel shades such as pistachio, mint and olive can be very creative colours to experiment with.

  • Shades of Blue

One of the zestiest colours – blue is an all-time hit and can be an excellent choice with the best shade. Aquamarine, Royal Blue, and Turquoise are some of the favorite Mediterranean kitchen hues.

  • Yellow

Anything is amazing in Yellow – the bright and energetic colour when paired with white can be extremely beautiful for a kitchen. Choose bright neon yellow or mustard shades.

  • Steel

Steel is an absolute modern choice and can be a hard pull but can give amazing classy results. Pair with bold black metallic or silver to give a royal, posh appeal.

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