June 17, 2024

Home Design Exterior

Home exteriors provide homeowners an opportunity to express their individual style. Paint colors can highlight a homeowner’s favorite hues while unique landscaping and outdoor structures reveal their appreciation of modern minimalism or classic elegance.

Home exterior design goes beyond picking out colors and materials: balance is also crucial in terms of size, shape, and complexity. Learn how to make your facade stand out.

Color and Texture

Color can play an essential part in creating visual interest on a home exterior, emphasizing features or accentuating details or providing contrast.

An attractive front door can draw the eye towards its entrance while serving as a convenient means to inform visitors where to enter. Furthermore, its color can set the scene for the entire house – this Puget Sound vacation home designed by Mindy Gayer Design Co and built by Fairbank Construction Company features a diverse palette of materials with an emphasis on texture; brick sections feature mosaic-like patterns while windows and shutters have stained wood accents to round off its look.

Neutral shades add warmth and character to a home’s exterior, providing the ideal canvas for accents to stand out. On this stone and timber-frame home, seafoam green exterior wood paint with matching trim highlights the natural fieldstone siding while complementing the colors of its surrounding forest canopy.

Outdoor Spaces

Converting outdoor areas into functional extensions of living areas has become one of the hottest trends in home design. Exterior renovations increase resale value and usable square footage while providing families with year-round enjoyment of their backyard, no matter the season or climate conditions.

Minimizing interior walls and creating sightlines into patios, decks or backyard landscapes from key rooms promote fluid living patterns that make transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces simpler and easier. Selecting weather-appropriate rugs and furnishings such as sectionals, chairs, chaise lounges tables and side tables styled to match interior living areas’ colors further strengthen the connection between indoor and outdoor rooms.

Even those with smaller yards can make the most of their outdoor space by elevating it using trellises, climbing plants, hanging baskets and wall decor. By designing different zones for specific activities (sitting area, play space or dining nook), homeowners can customize their spaces to match individual family needs and lifestyles.

Curb Appeal

Maintaining an attractive exterior of any home design is vitally important. Not only will it create a lasting first impression on visitors and neighbors, it can add significant value to a property and expedite its sale faster.

While curb appeal improvements may require extensive and costly investment, there are numerous low-cost ways to enhance its beauty. A fresh coat of paint can make a dramatic impactful statement about a home; and can serve as an inexpensive means of updating windows and doors that stand out on any house’s front.

Enhance the visual appeal of your home quickly by adding or refreshing a planting bed. From small flower gardens to larger shrubberies, well-planned planting beds create an eye-catching backdrop and welcome first impression for potential buyers, while giving your yard and neighborhood pride of place.


Your home’s aesthetic is what sets it apart from others, with an exterior designed to balance visual weight, symmetry and proportion in order to achieve harmony. A great design should also consider climate considerations as well as building materials which stand up well under local weather conditions.

No home’s exterior needs to be large or grand for it to look its best; even a bungalow or cottage can look fresh and welcoming with just a few details like these barndominium’s octagon and half-round shingles, which add visual texture and create warmth and welcoming feel.

No matter the style or location of your dream home, designing it begins with creating a plan. Next comes choosing materials that meet your vision while withstanding weather elements – which is where Table Rock Design Consulting comes in to ensure its longevity! With their team of expert design consultants on board to assist with finding exactly the right designs and materials that align with their clients’ goals.

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