May 24, 2024

What to Do About Stucco Cracks

When you notice cracking, chipping, and mottling, you should not worry about it because cracking is quite normal for stucco walls and sidings. These are caused either by structural movement or water intrusion. Learn more about these causes and what you can do about the cracks depending on their size. Because if it is hairline, you can resolve it yourself. Beyond that size, you need stucco crack repair with the help of a professional.

The causes of stucco cracks

  1. Structural movement

With seasonal changes and ground movements, your home will typically expand and contract. As a result, you may observe hairline cracks on your stucco siding or wall. Expect it because it is normal. As these are not concerning, you need not address these minor cracks. But you should monitor them in case they grow and become more prominent. To know that the size is something you should address, get a credit card and put it in the cracks. If it fits, then it’s time to get a professional inspection.

  1. Water intrusion

If the surface layer behind the stucco is wood, it will swell when it becomes wet. This swelling will create movement in the stucco wall, and the excess moisture will lead to cracking that is visible in your stucco. If the crack becomes large enough, as discussed above, you will need to consider stucco repair because this may give way to water that will cause structural damage. 

The solution: Stucco crack repair

When addressing these huge and disturbing cracks on your stucco, you should first get professional help. But if you want to get rid of hairline cracks, you can simply paint the areas affected to prevent water from infiltrating the structure.

For moderate cracks, a stucco patch is an ideal remedy. A stucco patch is a pre-tinted coat finish that repairs the cracks, chips, or small areas with missing stucco. Before doing this, make sure that you clean the holes or the areas affected that need stucco repair. You can use a small brush for this purpose.

For large cracks, a stucco crack repair Daytona should first be preceded by a professional assessment of the damage. This way, you prevent the worsening of the damage. You may also want to try a moisture assessment. This will require the stucco contractor to probe the walls to determine if there is a high moisture content within the stucco siding or wall that may have already compromised the framing or the substrate. The process will require stucco to be removed and then repaired. This will ensure that you are doing the right repair methods. Otherwise, even after patching, you may experience a short-term solution as a worsened problem within the structure has occurred.

To learn more about the right solutions for your stucco, you should get in touch with your trusted local stucco company. Do not hesitate to ask questions, send photos, or schedule inspections so that you will understand the problem more and prevent further damage. Please do this before it’s too late. It is late when you need a stucco removal and reinstallation of your stucco, which is more costly.

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