May 24, 2024

Home Design Trends for Your Bedroom

Combining design styles from both past and present can add characterful designs to bedrooms. Here, a mustard accent wall and bedside sconces frame an upholstered headboard and bring out colors found throughout the room’s linens and rug.

1. Light-colored timber

Pale timbers add an air of freshness to bedrooms and other spaces, particularly rooms without much natural light. Pale wooden flooring and furniture can help brighten up a darkened room and prevent it from feeling oppressive or darkened. Furthermore, light-colored timbers pair easily with neutral-colored furnishings for an appealing overall effect – whether that means opting for Scandi-inspired pale woods or more traditional hues such as those offered by Cameroon Timber Export Sarl – so contact us now – we are here to support your home design dreams!

2. Neutral color palettes

Neutral color palettes can give a bold bedroom an effortlessly refined appearance without feeling cold or boring. Shades such as white, cream, and gray provide a blank slate on which you can express yourself through furniture, furnishings and accents; their lack of saturation means they pair beautifully with brighter accent colors.

Earth tones make a wonderful neutral bedroom paint color choice, especially those that evoke nature. Sandy beige, light gray (evoking clouds), and browns reminiscent of different wood species are perfect examples.

Purple tones make an elegant choice in a bedroom when combined with other hues in an effective combination. Here, muted lilacs and blushes add feminine charm without overwhelming the space with too many hues. Incorporating various surface finishes provides texture while simple bedding palette provides visual contrast with dark walls and flooring.

3. Bold patterns

Bold patterns can add energy and vibrancy to any space. From subtle stripes, eclectic abstract designs or traditional florals – bold patterns add depth, dimension and focus. Additionally, bold designs don’t have to be limited solely for walls – furniture pieces, custom window treatments and accessories all use bold patterns for added visual appeal!

If you choose a pattern wallpaper in your bedroom, balance its bold patterns with neutral tones in other parts of the space to avoid overwhelming them. Add another subtle pattern by adorning windows with herringbone designs or herringbone print fabrics for further flair.

Successful bold pattern mixing relies on choosing an accent color that appears multiple times among your patterns, unifying them and making the space feel intentional rather than chaotic. Try this approach when selecting bed sheets or throw pillows that feature such designs.

4. Symmetry

Symmetry is a timeless interior design principle that will bring balance and peace of mind into any room. To do this, draw an imaginary line down the center of your room, and pair objects that mirror one another on either side – such as chairs around a bed, pillows/throws on sofas with matching covers, or wall art.

While symmetry works beautifully in rooms that feature architectural focal points like fireplace surrounds, window walls or islands, it can also be achieved using patterns on walls, pictures on the wall, lamps, furniture and rugs like this elegant living room.

Although not entirely symmetrical, this scheme still achieves balance through paired tables and items with similar prints such as cushions and rugs that harmonize and order its arrangement. Mastering this subtle yet engaging art of symmetry-breaking can add depth and interest to any scheme!

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