May 24, 2024

Five benefits of keeping elephant figurines at home

People follow different belief systems and costumes to bring prosperity to their lives. The practice of Feng Shui is an example of such a belief systems. It is a Chinese practice that uses energy to harmonize human life. This practice has been present since ancient times. People follow Feng Shui by keeping particular objects in their houses that symbolize strength and security in the modern era. One such example is elephant figurines. In Hindu Mythology, the elephant symbolizes protection from negativity, knowledge, strength and dignity. Hence, people keep collectible elephant figurines to protect their houses from negativity and invite divine knowledge and strength in their surrounding energy.

The elephant has different symbolic meanings in different cultures around the world. In Buddhism, it is counted among the seven precious treasures of the creator, whereas in Africa, it is considered a mythical creature just like the phoenixes.

The following points are the five main benefits of keeping elephant figures or images at home:

Protection from negativity

Elephants are giant animals that have always been associated with strength and power. In ancient times, these animals were used as the first defence in battle; the best fighters would ride these animals and fight. It is this symbolism that makes them the divine protectors. Hence, people keep such figures or paintings at their house entrance to protect the house from negativity and evil. You must keep the figure facing towards the entrance so that it can keep an eye on who is entering the space.

Good fortune

In Indian Mythology, the elephant is considered a symbol of Lord Ganesha because he had the head of an elephant. Lord Ganesha is the god of prosperity and good fortune. Hence, many people attribute these meanings to elephants as well. Hence many people include elephant imagery in their home decor in some way or the other to invite prosperity and good fortune in the space. Many sellers keep collectible elephant figurines and paintings for sale. You can find the one that suits your interior and appeals to you.


In many cultures, these elephants are associated with abundance. According to Hinduism, they symbolize royalty and standards. So many people keep elephant imagery in their houses to attract money. They believe that these elephant figurines will help them attract abundant wealth, power and prosperity.

Initiate new beginnings

Many people believe that if a person or a family is going through a tough period or experiencing an end of something, then they must keep elephant images or figures in their house so that it can help them start afresh. As Elephants also symbolize new beginnings and provide people with the strength to deal with difficult situations.


When your child is having difficulty in studying or memorizing information, then you can put an elephant figurine on his study table. The elephants are symbols of divine knowledge and introspection. It will improve your child’s focus on his studies and help him gain good knowledge.

These are some of the benefits of keeping collectible elephant figurines at your home. So if you also want to invite peace, prosperity, power and protection to your house so that it can benefit you and your family members, then you must also keep some figures. You must keep one at the entrance for protection, one on the study table to improve focus and enhance learning capabilities, one in your car to ensure safety, and in your office to invite prosperity through work. You can find these figures on many online websites.

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