June 19, 2024

Choosing Cabinet Doors For Your Kitchen

Consider your style preferences as well as budget and durability when selecting cabinet doors for your kitchen. They come in an array of textures, colours and finishes.

Sleek doors feature straight lines and glossy surfaces for easy cleaning. These make them the ideal addition to a contemporary minimalistic kitchen design.

Raised Panel

Raised panel cabinet doors are an elegant style that can give your kitchen an air of formality. Featuring a raised center panel and sometimes enhanced with intricate patterns like beading or carving edges, raised panel door styles add more expense than shaker styles but add premium qualities to the design of any kitchen design.

Raised panels can be difficult to keep clean due to their many ridges and grooves that trap dirt. Flat panel doors offer similar aesthetics but are much simpler to maintain due to no recesses where food or grime collect. In addition, these less costly options work perfectly with modern and transitional kitchen designs alike.


Modern kitchen cabinets employ sleek finishes to achieve a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Contemporary cabinet doors such as the J-pull style or slab doors (such as Aspekt Stirling ) feature unbroken lines that complement various handle designs perfectly.

Flat-panel cabinet doors that don’t feature framing work well in contemporary kitchens. These minimalist styles can be made of various wood species or engineered materials; solid wood doors tend to be more expensive but offer natural protection from moisture and wear.

Contemporary cabinet designs make an impactful statement in home offices, rec rooms and laundry areas. When combined with more traditional styles they create an eclectic combination of textures and colours that bring the space together – whether opting for bold hues or subtle neutral tones your new kitchen will feel contemporary and up-to-date.


Metal cabinet doors have become an increasingly popular choice in kitchen design styles. Their contrast creates an eye-catching focal point and offer a distinctive appearance; plus they can coordinate and balance elements of your kitchen such as stainless appliances, patterned backsplashes or even different wall colors in an open floor plan.

Mullion cabinet doors reminiscent of windows, featuring braces running along glass surfaces, are an effective way to highlight your favorite dishes or bowls. They’re often installed on upper level cabinets with solid doors below.

Nieu offers an affordable laminate door alternative that mimics the look of metal without breaking the bank on an entire renovation. Their maintenance-free style comes in both slab and mullion shapes for both upper and lower cabinet use.


Glass can add flair to your kitchen cabinet doors in many forms. They make for an excellent middle ground between open shelving and solid wood shelving units.

Clear glass is one of the most versatile materials, complementing nearly every design aesthetic and making organization easy. Plus, its clarity allows users to see inside quickly.

Opting for frosted or leaded glass doors adds an elegant touch to any kitchen, especially when used with modern cabinets and the right lighting can make them come alive! These can be found at most hardware and home improvement stores as well as specialist retailers – or custom door glass can even be cut to order by your local glass company!


White doors create a bright and airy aesthetic in any kitchen. Their reflective surface reflects light from around the room to provide an inviting space for cooking and entertaining, and provide a bright space that encourages activity in general. White is also an ideal neutral hue that goes well with other hues in any room – it never goes out of style so is an ideal way to keep your space modernized and contemporary!

Shaker cabinet doors are timeless design classics, complementing both contemporary and traditional homes alike. Their flat panel is supported by a frame composed of left stile, right stile, and middle rail elements.

They’re designed to be minimalist so you can add visual interest with hardware accessories.

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