June 17, 2024

5 Types of Bedroom Furniture

Selecting bedroom furniture that matches both your style and size requirements can add a dramatic flair to any room. Finding pieces that reflect both these criteria are crucial components of finding furniture suitable for you.

Bedroom furniture comes in many shapes and sizes. Solid wood with natural finishes is often considered the superior material choice for bedroom furnishings.


Beds are pieces of bedroom furniture that typically consist of a mattress supported by a frame or base made of wood, metal, or other materials such as plastic. Many beds also include headboards and footboards for extra support as well as curtains to pull back for privacy and aesthetic purposes.

Bed frames raise mattresses off the floor, providing additional storage space underneath for linens, suitcases and other non-display items. This space can also serve as an area where mattress springs can be stored more safely.

Sleigh and four-poster bed frames add a decorative element to any room, adding an air of grandeur and elegance. Often featuring curved headboards and footboards – like those found on the Dogtas Palermo Pera wooden bed – sleigh and four-poster beds boast an exquisite classic aesthetic that will last years with proper care.


Dressers are low-lying bedroom pieces of furniture with 6-8 drawers to store folded clothes. Derived from old-time dressing tables, dressers evolved over time into modern versions that often include mirrors at their top. A chest of drawers may sometimes be mistaken as a dresser but is actually taller with no mirror on top.

Dressers make for great storage solutions when it comes to decorative pieces like art or vases that don’t fit on shelves, including keys, notepads and stationery.

When shopping for bedroom dressers, be sure to find ones with design features, colors and hardware that compliment other pieces in your room. Repeating shapes, finishes or colours throughout helps tie everything together; this dresser’s minimal silhouette and satin nickel pocket handles blend in nicely with various aesthetics.


A nightstand (also referred to as a side table, bedside table, or day stand) provides a place for keeping essential nighttime items such as tissue paper, medicines, books, drinks and more organized and ready for use at any time of night. They typically feature several drawers or shelves to maximize storage space efficiently.

While some prefer purchasing matching nightstands for an uniform look, others enjoy selecting from various styles and options to suit different styles and needs. When purchasing nightstands for convenience and safety purposes, keep this height-guideline in mind: No nightstand should exceed the height of your mattress as this could risk bumping your head as you move around or accidentally knocking items off it! For added protection choose something shorter with rounded edges or with shorter legs instead!


Bedroom benches are like fashion accessories for your bed; they add style, provide storage space and complete the look of any room. From natural fibers to upholstery materials, bench seat seating adds texture and contrast.

To create the ideal proportions, your bench shouldn’t exceed either height of your headboard or width of mattress. To prevent any accidents due to stumbling over it, opt for one a foot smaller than queen or king bed width so it will fit nicely at the end without making the frame look larger than necessary.

Choose a color and design that complement your decor style – perhaps wood benches could highlight the smooth lines of contemporary or modern beds, or perhaps opt for something like a tufted bench seat for subtle glamour.


Mirrors can add the final flourish to a bedroom design. By reflecting natural light and drawing attention upward, they help amplify natural illumination while also adding depth, making smaller bedrooms appear larger.

Full-length mirrors are one of the most popular wall decor choices for bedrooms, whether hung atop a console table or attached directly to the wall. When choosing your frame material – be it bold metallics or carved woods – keep in mind how the mirror will affect other aspects of the space.

A vanity or chest of drawers is an ideal addition to any bedroom. Unlike dressers, they provide more defined storage for things like bed linens and clothes – as well as designs featuring built-in sinks to save time in the mornings! These furniture pieces should ideally be placed before a mirror to create an elevated dressing station.

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